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Adhering to the university motto of “advocating moral values and wisdom, stressing simplicity and steadfast behaviors”, the undergraduate education of Jilin Agricultural University steadily takes teaching career as the center of development, promotes the mode of connotation development, and vigorously pushes forward the educational and teaching reforms to improve teachers’ teaching quality and students’ overall abilities. It explores and implements the talent-cultivating mode of “basis + platform”, and endeavors to cultivate all-round, well-grounded, competent and high-quality comprehensive and creative talents. At the present time, Jilin Agricultural University offers 58 undergraduate majors, subordinated to 9 disciplines, including 2 law majors, 19 engineering majors, 9 administration majors, 1 economy major, 4 science majors, 17 agriculture majors, 3 literature majors, 2 medicine majors, and 1 art major.

Jilin Agricultural University takes the opportunity of carrying out “the undergraduate teaching project”, sticks to teaching reforms and innovations and explores the classified cultivation mode and the combined inside-university and outside-university cultivation mode of undergraduate education to construct the “three-level, three-combination” practical teaching system and to build up an agronomy-featured, scientific, efficient and open undergraduate talent-cultivating system and operational mechanism. At present, Jilin Agricultural University has 7 national specialty majors, and 2 national experimental sites of professional comprehensive reforms; 13 provincial specialty majors, and 5 provincial brand majors; 1 national experimental and teaching demonstration centre, and 9 provincial experimental and teaching demonstration centers; 2 national agronomy-science-and-education cooperative talent-cultivating bases, and 1 national college-student out-of-school practical teaching and educational base; 1 national famous teacher, and 7 provincial famous teachers; 2 national top quality resource-sharing courses, and 2 national open video courses; 24 provincial top quality courses; 1 national excellent teaching team and 11 provincial excellent teaching teams; 5 provincial talent-cultivating-mode innovative experimental regions and 2 national reforming experimental projects of brilliant agro-forestry talents’ educational and cultivating program.

The undergraduate education of Jilin Agricultural University is always student-oriented and students’ growth and accomplishments are placed first; it sticks to the serving conception of “being close to teachers, being intimate to students”, and reinforces the construction of teaching teams and a better environment in order to improve prominently the undergraduate teaching quality. Within routine administration, it gives priority to teaching and research, sets up a modernized educational and managerial conception, and combines organically administrative management and academic management. Jilin Agricultural University promotes the research of educational and teaching reforms to open up a fine prospect that research leads teaching management, research enhances teaching construction, and research raises the teaching levels.


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