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For many years, Jilin Agricultural University (JAU), as a key provincial agricultural university, depending on solid strength in disciplines and the strong advantage of teaching and scientific research resources while insisting on the philosophy of schooling of “serving local economic construction and social development” and cultivating high-quality talents for society, has been exploring and practicing actively in promoting the construction of technological innovation platform, the building-up of technological talents team, key technology research, commercialization of research findings and social service, and has been providing scientific and intelligent support and technological service for the economic and social development of the province and the whole country. Jilin Agricultural University is walking on the way of “writing thesis all over Jilin”. I. Construction of Technological Innovation Platform

Focusing on the demand for developing Jilin's regional economy and industry, the university has constructed the technological innovation-based, production-education-research based, and social service-based technological research platform that matches the features and advantages of the economic development of the province.

Aiming at the deep processing of agricultural products in the whole province, the university, together with the attached enterprises, has constructed an innovative system of deep processing of wheat and corn, comprising 7 state or provincial level scientific research platforms including the National Engineering Laboratory for the deep processing of wheat and corn, Jilin Technological Innovation Center of Food Biology Manufacture, and Jilin Grain Industry Technology Research Center, which firmly established the status of the provincial deep processing of corn in the country.

Aiming at the exploitation and utilization of resource in the Changbai Mountain, the university has constructed an innovative system of protection and utilization of special resources of the Changbai Mountain comprising more than 20 provincial level international joint scientific research platforms including the Engineering and Research Center for Edible and Medicinal Fungi administrated by the Ministry of Education, the Engineering and Research Center for Bioreactor and Medicinal Development administrated by the Ministry of Education, the Cultivation and Breeding Lab for Medicinal Plants, and the Engineering and Research Center for Ginseng.

Aiming at the construction of national commodity grain base all over the province, the university has constructed the innovative system of integrated fine breed propagation, high efficiency planting, policy research and sustainable utilization of resource comprising of 6 provincial level scientific research platform including the Jilin Regional Technological Innovation Center for Soybean, Major Lab for Sustainable Utilization of Soil for National Commodity Grain Base in Jilin, Jilin University High-end Technologic Innovation Platform for Comprehensive Utilization of Straw, and the Countryside Economic Research Center for Major Grain Producing Areas, etc., which established the foundation for ensuring the grain security of the country.

Aiming at the construction for a big animal husbandry province, the university has constructed the innovative system of integrated animal nutrition, fodder development, quality safety and veterinary drug research comprising of 5 provincial level university-enterprise-cooperation based scientific research platforms including the Major Lab for Animal Production and Quality Safety Administrated by Ministry of Education, Jilin Major Lab for Animal Nutrition and Fodder Science and the Jinong-Borui Dairy Cattle Sci-tech R&D Center, etc., which has promoted the healthy and rapid development of the animal husbandry economy of the province.

Aiming at the construction of new socialist countryside in the province, the university has constructed the innovative system of new countryside construction and service integrated with determination innovation, incubation demonstration, science popularization as well as consulting and training comprising of 5 provincial level scientific research platforms including the National Institute of New Countryside, Major Lab for Biologic System Management and Cultivation, Northeast International Scientific Incubation Base for Agricultural Biology of Jilin, and the Jilin Engineering and Technical Research Center of IOT which are devoted to promoting the overall planning of “three modernizations”, new countryside construction and sustainable development of countryside. The service scope covered by the service system has been expanded from agricultural industry to the rural society, which has contributed actively to the construction of new socialist countryside.

II. Construction of Technological Talents Team

The construction of technological talents team is the key to technological innovation and social service, so the university has constructed a talent team that is cutting-edge in theory and also practical in serving agriculture, farming and rural area.

Aiming at cultivating high-end technological innovation talents, the university has cultivated an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science) and a foreign academician of the Mongolian Academy of Natural Science. The university has introduced talents of the "National Scheme of Thousand Talents" program, 4 experts from America and Canada, and more than 100 external academicians and visiting professors. The university has also cultivated an innovative team of the “Development Scheme of Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Team” administrated by the Ministry of Education and also a distinguished professor of the Changjiang Scholars Program.

Focusing on cultivating young and middle-aged technological innovative talents, the university has brought up more than 200 people who have the title or honor of Leading Young and Middle-aged Technological Innovative Talent awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Senior Expert of Jilin Province, Excellent Talent of New Century awarded by the Ministry of Education, Leading Innovative Talent of Jilin Province, Jilin’s Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution, Changbai Mountain Scholars, and Leading Discipline Professor of Jilin, etc. The university has also brought up many innovative teams like the Young and Middle-aged Technological Innovation Team honored by the provincial science & technology department, and Innovative Team of Universities honored by the provincial education department.

Actively cultivating young reserve talents of technological innovation, the university has brought up more than 300 young reserve talents with the title or honor of Excellent Talent of New Century awarded by the Department of Education of Jilin Province, and Green Shoot Talent.

Elaborately training and practicing social service oriented talents, the university has brought up more than 400 talents with the title or honor of 12316 New Countryside Hotline Experts, 12582 SMS Service Experts, Medium Sized and Small Enterprise Service Experts, Special Technological Commissioners, Enterprise Consultants, etc.

III. Active Undertaking of Scientific Problem Tackling

Insisting on the concept that disciplines should match the industry chains and aim at the demand of the industrial development, the university has developed her own features and advantages in seed breading and promotion demonstration of new species of crops, breading and healthy cultivation of excellent animal varieties, fine and deep processing of agricultural products (food), development and utilization of mushroom resource, and the development and utilization of special resources like ginseng. The university has undertaken some state-level and provincial level technological innovation projects, brought out some excellent technological achievements that are cutting-edge in both China and the world, and contributed to the economic development of the province.

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the university has undertaken 1,214 scientific research projects of all kinds such as the national major technology developing programs and programs supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China..The university has got CNY 505 million of scientific research funds and has broken the record of zero prizes in the National Natural Science Award, National Award for Technological Innovation and National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. The university has been ranking No. 1 among provincial universities and colleges for years in the quantity of prizes for progress in science and technology of the province. The number of thesis published has also been increasing year by year, and the number of thesis collected by the three major international thesis index system including SCI, EI and CPCI has also been increasing significantly. JLAU's hi-tech innovation capacity has reached national advanced level.

1. Breading and promotion demonstration of new species of crops

As an important commodity grain base in China, the province still has the problem of out-dated breading technology, lack of improved varieties, and monopoly of foreign species in major producing areas. For many years, the university has been devoting to the research and promotional demonstration of new species of crops and has undertaken over 50 symbolic projects such as the “Cultivation and Application of Corn Hybrid Seeds with Strong Heterosis” under the National 863 Program, “Cultivation and Propagation of New Species of Japonica Rice in Jilin Province” under the National Sci-tech Support Plan, and “Germplasm Innovation of Transgenic Soybean Resistant to Phytophthora Root Rot” of National Major Special Transgenic Project, Improvement of Innovation in Grain Species Engineering of the Province, and the Project of Special Fund for Seeding Development of the Province. The university has won 3 First Prizes and 9 Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology awarded by the province, and has cultivated 62 new species of crops for large scale farming. The growing areas of corn, rice and soybean in Jilin Province breaded by the university take up to 30%, 37% and 35% respectively. The breading of new species of corn is at a leading level in China. The improved varieties of high yield rice “Jinongda 808”, “Jinongda 27” and “Jinongda 30” has been promoted in large scale, which has made a great contributed to the province’s annual grain yield breaking though 25 billion kilos, 30 billion kilos and 35 billion kilos.

2. Improved animal varieties breading and healthy cultivation

As a big province for animal husbandry, a demonstrative province for no specified animal diseases, Jilin Province is an advantaged pig producing area planned by the Ministry of Agriculture and the animal husbandry has become a leading industry of the province. Regarding the problems of lack of animal species resources and low level of intensive cultivation, the university has undertaken more than 60 technological innovation projects such as “Technological Innovation in Breeding and New Species of Chicken Molecular Cell Engineering” under the National 863 Program, “Integration Mechanism and Nutrition Regulation of Digestion and Metabolism Network of Nitrogen Nutrients” under the National 973 Program, “Construction and Demonstration of Healthy Cultivation Mode for Pigs” under the National Sci-tech Support Plan, and “Research of Key Technology for Modernized Production of Safe Pork Pigs of Jilin Province” of Double-Ten Key Technologies R&D Program in Jilin. The university has won 2 First Prizes and 5 Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology awarded by the province. In the field of improved animal varieties breading and healthy cultivation, the university has cultivated three species of white geese respectively for meat, egg and feather. In the field of large-scale cultivation of good quality beef cattle and safe pork pigs, the university has optimized the production mode and made proper technical standard and production specifications according to the industrial foundation and resource allocation, which provides technical support to the production of beef cattle and pork pigs of the province and improves the technological content and market competitiveness of the production of beef cattle and pork pigs of the province.

3. Fine and deep processing of agricultural products (food)

The fine and deep processing of agricultural products (food) is an important leading industry of Jilin Province. To improve the deep processing of agricultural products (food) and food quality and safety, the university has undertaken more than 50 technological innovation projects such as “Research and Development of New Technology for Functionalized Deep Processing of Corn” under the National 863 Program, “Key Technology of Industrialized Production of Corn as Principal Food and Demonstration of the Industrialization” under the National Sci-tech Support Plan, “Research on Mechanism of Change to Quality of Corn and Construction of Quality Evaluation System” of the National Special Project of Public Benefit Research, and “Research and Development of Key Technology on Comprehensive Utilization of High-Added-Value of Non-starch Component of Corn” of Double-Ten Key Technologies R&D Program in Jilin. The university has won 2 First Prizes and 3 Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology awarded by the province. The university has developed more than 200 products like the corn trehalose, corn oligopeptide, and corn ω-6 unsaturated fatty acid, and has effectively extended the industry chain of corn. In the field of research on the technology of producing corn powder, the university has realized breakthrough in key technologies on auxiliary bio-modification and multi-stage variable-temperature extrusion, which has largely improved the economic efficiency of corn deep processing and promoted the sustainable development of the corn economy in the province.

4. Development and utilization of fungi resources

Edible fungi industry is a new force to make good use of agricultural wastes, promote the development of recycling economy and support the national food security; it has become the fifth largest planting industry following grain, oil, vegetables, and fruit since 2012. Li Yu, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in our university, together with his team members, has undertaken over 60 projects including “Research and Demonstration of New Technology and Model of Mass Production of Rural Edible Fungi” under the National Sci-tech Support Plan, and “Research and Demonstration of Key Technology that Efficiently Converts Crop Residues and Animal Manure into Edible Fungi for Production” of Double-Ten Key Technologies R&D Program in Jilin, thus upgrading the edible fungi industry. They have also screened and bred 39 new varieties of edible fungi, integrated and innovated 6 standards and technical systems for main northern edible fungi, and established 21 industrial demonstration bases, giving an impetus to more than 30,000 households growing edible fungi, and directly bringing an economic benefit of nearly CNY 6 billion. Besides, he has proposed the Jilin provincial government should implement the strategy of “south-to-north edible fungi transplant”, “planting trees and grass in the east and west respectively”, and “building a gallery of edible and medicinal fungi for hundreds of kilometers”. All these rational proposals have become new industrial highlights in Jilin Province. In addition, he and his team members have built genetic resources center which ranks top in China and published 38 new species of slime molds, accounting for 1/17 of the total published in the international community in recent years. His researches on slime molds representing group systems and on taxonomy of group systems of important slime molds have won the second place of National Natural Science Award and the first place of Jilin Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology respectively.

5. Development and utilization of ginseng and other distinctive resources

Ginseng, as a distinctive traditional industry in Changbai Mountain area, with its production in Jilin accounting for 60 percent of the world’s total, and for 80 percent of the national total, has played a strong leading role in economic revitalization and development of Jilin Province. In response to the lack of improved varieties of ginseng industry, destruction of forest resources caused by traditional ginseng cultivation technique and other issues, our university has performed over 50 projects including “Promotion of Standardized Planting of Ginseng, Development of Integrated Products as well as Brand Development and Research” under the National Sci-tech Support Plan, and “Research and Demonstration of Ginseng Industry Technology” of the National Special Project of Public Benefit Research. We have also bred and approved 5 new varieties of ginseng which are the earliest ones passing the validation of the Variety Approval Committee. Therefore, varieties involved in the ginseng production have been greatly improved, with better yielding ability and cold resistance than South Korean’s. As the main technique accelerating the industrial development in Jilin Province, standardized cultivation technique of ginseng has been promoted for consecutive years and large area yield has reached the highest level in the world. Furthermore, we have taken the lead in formulating 13 national standards of ginseng, and won the second place of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in one aspect and the first place of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in three aspects, thus significantly advancing the standardization of ginseng industry to make ginseng become a traditional Chinese medicinal material with the highest standard of the nation.

In addition, our university has certain advantages inside and outside the province in agricultural biotechnology, small berries research and development, product safety and testing, digital agricultural production, horticultural facilities design, efficient vegetable production and etc.

IV. Vigorous Efforts in Carrying out Social Service

Over the years, our university has always been adhering to the educational philosophy of “serving the local economic growth and social development as our mission”. We have also explored a new path for rural science and education service facing “three issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area”, relying on the university, and applying science and technology demonstration area as the carrier. Besides, our papers mainly focus on the land of Jilin Province. The cumulative income from technology has totaled up to CNY 10 billion since the implementation of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan.

1. Creating a win-win cooperation platform for close integration among industry, university and research

While we are endeavoring to achieve the development goals of building 4 ecological economic zones in east, middle and west of the province, priorities have been given to conduct in-depth cooperation with governments of cities (prefectures) and counties (cities), and enterprises across the province. Only since the implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, we have already established a cooperative relationship with more than 120 counties, cities and districts (large companies) from nine cities and prefectures across the province. In such cooperation, we have formed “Antu model”1 between our university and Antu County government, expanded “Minle model”2 between our university and Minle Village, deepened “Borui model”3 between our university and Changchun Borui Feed Co., Ltd., supported the formation and development of more than 30 large-scale leading agricultural and sci-tech enterprises, and cumulatively provided tens of thousands of talents to local authorities and enterprises.

2. Establishing rural sci-tech demonstration bases to promote agricultural and sci-tech achievements

Relying on different ecological regions, we have successively established a number of agricultural science and technology demonstration areas, agricultural expert workshops under spark program, teaching practice bases and social practice bases for college students in east, middle and west of the province, so as to drive the development of the surrounding areas through science and technology with the base as the core. We have also explored the model of “expert teams + demonstration bases + agriculture technical promoters + enterprises + farmers” and other sci-tech service models, forming an all-round and three-dimensional demonstration and promotion service network with grain and livestock processing in central Songliao Plain, economic crop and animal husbandry in western Songnen Plain and mid-level forestry and special herbs in eastern mountainous areas. Taking the new high-yield and high-efficient cultivation model of northern edible fungi for example, promotion bases have been set up in Wangqing, Jiaohe and other 8 cities (counties), achieving large-scale production, and cumulatively generating a total economic return of CNY 2.5 billion.

3. Carrying out science popularization activities and vigorously promoting the university’s research achievements

Under the substantial support of the sci-tech associations and other relevant departments at the provincial and municipal levels, our university has extensively carried out National Science Popularization Day, the National Science and Technology Week and other agricultural technical activities related to science popularization, technical promotion, seminars and consulting services. We have also disseminated the pragmatic agricultural techniques and popularized the agriculture-related knowledge by fully utilization of radio, television, mobile phones, internet and other modern means of information. Only in 2014, we have received over 8,000 times calls through our hot-line “12316” and “12582”, over 1,000 times network consulting and given over 100 times lectures regarding radio and television. Meanwhile, the university has also actively participated in more than 700 times promotion events of various achievements including China’s Agricultural Fair, Changchun Agricultural Fair and a large set of popularization events of science and released more than 300,000 copies of materials. The fungi food base independently designed and exhibited by our university has shown the development of the province's achievements in fungi industry and our participation in over ten sessions of agricultural fairs has formed a good brand effect of Jilin Agricultural University.

4. Carrying out farmer training to enhance the ability of rural practical talents

Relying on national agricultural technical training bases and other platforms, we have been committed to undertaking the training of over ten thousand village cadres and backbone civil servants of town or township at national, provincial and municipal levels, and the training of responsible persons of farmer cooperatives, student village officials (selected graduates), agricultural technicians and new-type farmers. In recent years, we have offered the training to grassroots agricultural technicians, village cadres and farmers, with the number totaling 2.6 million. Through such training, enhancement has been made in the leading capability of the province's rural grassroots cadres, innovative capacity of rural skill service personnel, and production and operation competence of the personnel of rural economic cooperation organizations. On the top of that, the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the rural grassroots party organizations have also been significantly intensified. In particular, our university has actively organized and implemented the training program of “One Village One College Student” in Jilin Province, training a large batch of new-type farmers for the province’s construction of new countryside, who excel in operation and management, know something about science and technology, and play a strong demonstration role. According to statistics, more than 60 percent of graduates after finishing the training have returned home to participate in the construction of new countryside, or started their own businesses, becoming the foregoers who shake off poverty and grow prosperous.

5. Give full play to the think tank experts to provide valuable advice for local economic development

Relying on the new rural development institute, through cross-disciplinary integration, opening and expansion of research fields and flexible formation of collaborative research teams, our university has offered considerable advice and suggestions for building the Jilin province into a major province in grain, animal husbandry, forestry, and northern special industries and into an economic strong province on the formal basis. In recent years, our university has carried out over 200 times consultation on decision-making for Jilin provincial government, local governments and key enterprises. We have mainly provided over 100 pieces of decision-making advice for the State Council, the Ministry of Agriculture, the provincial party committee and government and enterprises and presented theoretical issues on construction of new socialist countryside to the provincial party committee and government. Quite a number of research reports of our university such as the Study on the Current Situation and Policy of Overall Planning of “Three Modernizations” in Jilin Province have obtained approval from the relevant leaders, dramatically improving the university’s contribution to government decision-making, and offering an important theoretical basis for high-level decision-making and construction of new countryside.

6. Guiding teachers and students to dedicate to the services for agriculture, farmer and rural area to improve farmers' scientific and cultural quality

By organizing agricultural science and technology services and science popularization activities, government officials, doctors, scientist and college students are encouraged to go to the countryside to spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offer medical service to farmers. Moreover, under our annual guidance program for spring plowing, we have built multiple service teams that aim at promoting agriculture with science and technology to guide farmers in Jiutai City, Yushu City and other places for their spring plowing. According to preliminary statistics, in the past five years, a total of more than 50,000 teachers and students have participated in the above-mentioned program, offering over 5,000 rational suggestions for solving practical problems and providing 12,000 pieces of valuable information for farmers and enterprises and giving them more than 800 pieces of reasonable advice for addressing practical problems.


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