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School of Engineering & Technology (formerly established as the Department of Agricultural Production Mechanization in 1956) was established in 1994 under approval of Education Department of Jilin Province. The enroll lment of undergraduates started from 1959.

The authorizations of awarding master degree in "Agricultural Mechanization" and "Agri-biological Environment and Energy Engineering" were approved in 1985 and 2001 respectively; the school was approved to have the first level discipline of Agricultural Engineering in 2005 and its subordinate discipline of Mechanical Manufacture Technology was approved to independently set the master degree. Currently, the first level discipline of Agricultural Engineering has 5 subordinate disciplines with master degree authorization, including Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, Agri-biological Environment and Energy Engineering, Agricultural Water-soil Engineering, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, and Mechanical Manufacture Technology. It also has the authorization of awarding master degree in "Engineering in Agricultural Engineering" and "Agricultural Mechanization Extension".

With 50 years' accumulation, the school has formed clear direction in education, research and talent cultivation with advantages and characteristics in agricultural machinery equipment & protective cultivation technique, agricultural information technology, the development and utilization of new energy, and the environmental optimization and control technology of facility agriculture, etc. The school has 7 majors for undergraduates, namely Agricultural Mechanization and Automation, Agri-structural Environment and Energy Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering, Mechanical Design &Manufacturing and Automation, Transportation, Automation, and Auto Maintenance Engineering Education. It also has an Engineering Training Center serving the entire university, 6 first-level laboratories and 42 secondary laboratories for teaching and research, covering more than 7000 m2 with instruments costing more than 27million RMB. The school has 4 excellent courses and1 experimental and teaching demonstration center at provincial level; it also has 2 specialty majors, 3 experimental and teaching demonstration centers and 2 excellent teaching teams at university level. The numbers of undergraduate and master students amount to more than 1500 and 120, respectively. The school has 79 faculty members, including 56 teachers, 14 technicians, and 3 teaching administrators. The team of teachers is composed of 9 professors, 20 associate professors (22 Ph.D.s altogether), 21 graduate supervisors, 2 Teaching Masters at university level, and 1 Teaching Moral Model of Changchun City.

In the past few years, more than 30 projects were funded and hosted; more than 20 research findings have been patented; more than 360 papers have been published in peer reviewed journals at home and abroad; more than 40 textbooks and publications have been compiled and published. Sticking to the teaching concept "Taking serving the local economical construction and social development as our mission", the school vigorously promotes teaching and education reforms to improve teaching quality and students' comprehensive capability, with education orientation of broad extension and sound foundation in cultivating highly capable and qualified interdisciplinary talents. The school has cultivated more than 11000 senior professional and technical talents to serve the society in the past 50 years, with an initial graduate employment rate of over 90%, making great contribution to the cause of agricultural engineering in China.

Under the instruction of the guideline “technology serving local economy”, School of Engineering and Technology has played an important role in establishing a modern agricultural engineering system in Jilin province, , starting from building the science and technology demonstration area for agricultural mechanization and offering science and education services with "academic papers written on the land of Jilin". Work on invigorating agriculture with science and education has been commended by Jilin government several times. The school implements the strategy of open education and improves international level all around with its footing in Jilin province and a global perspective. Besides, the school constantly expands its educational connections, successively establishing international cooperation with universities and research institutes in the USA, Japan, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, UK, Korea, Russia etc. The school also participated in the construction of The Demonstration Center of Agricultural Technology in Zambia, one of the earliest assistance projects on agricultural technology demonstration in Africa.

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