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School of Economics and Management, JAU was evolved on the basis of department of Agricultural Economic Management. In 1977, teaching and research office of Agricultural Economics was established. In 1979, major of agricultural economic management was set up under the former department of Agronomy and received their first undergraduates. Then, department of Agricultural Economics was established in 1981, school of Agricultural Business in 1992, school of Management in 2000. “School of Economics and Management” is its current name which was confirmed in September, 2006. (Hereinafter referred to as SEM)

At present, SEM has set up 1 first-level discipline center for post-doctoral studies, 1 first-level and 4 second-level discipline doctoral degree authorized units (discipline of food economic management and rural development are self-established), 1 first-level and 5 second-level discipline master’s degree authorized units, 6 undergraduate specialties, amidst which, the discipline of agricultural and forestry economic management is the provincial key featured one in the ‘Twelfth Five-year Plan’, the specialty of agricultural and forestry economic management is the state featured one. The specialty of business administration is the university featured one. The team of teaching and research office of agricultural and forestry economic management is awarded with “provincial excellent teaching group”. The teams of teaching and research office of business management, marketing, land resources management are rewarded with “excellent teaching group in the university”.

SEM now owns 64 full-time teachers (including 16 professors, 30 associate professors, 9 doctoral supervisors, 31 master’s supervisors). Most of the faculty are social elites, such as: members discipline evaluation group of State Council, members of teaching steering committee of Agricultural and Forestry economic management specialty, Ministry of Education, vice president of China Agricultural Economics Association, winners of special allowance of State council, director and specialist of the industry economics research office of the national industrial technological system of beef cattle industry, evaluation experts of national social science fund and natural science foundation, vice chairman of agricultural system engineering specialized committee of China Agricultural Engineering Association, president of Agricultural Economic Society of Jilin province, vice president of Management Society of Jilin province, provincial renowned teachers, provincial outstanding experts, provincial senior experts, provincial outstanding innovative talents, members of decision-making advisory committee of Jilin Provincial Committee, CPC, commentary experts of publicity department of Jilin provincial party committee, the philosophy and social sciences planning experts for ‘Twelfth Five-year Plan’ of Jilin province, experts of first expert advisory group of agricultural and technology (macro-economy group) of Jilin province, deputy chairman of Changchun overseas students association, representative of 16th People’s Congress of Nanguan district , Changchun city ,etc.

Over the past 5 years, SEM has accomplished more than 60 programs which cover international cooperation, National Natural Foundation of China, Humanities & Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education etc, released over 10 monographs and 200 academic papers. Among the above accomplishment, more than 20 of them were rewarded, including 1 third prize of science and technology advancement of Jilin province, 7 first prizes of outstanding achievements of social sciences of Jilin province. More than 20 policy advices formed on the research achievements have been adopted by provincial and municipal government and the State Council.

In recent years, SEM has attached importance to the construction of scientific research platform, laboratory, international communication and cooperation. Various research institutions were set up, such as: research center of China major grain producing areas, research section of industrious economic of national beef cattle industrial technology system, research institution of rural finance etc. And, an experimental teaching center of economic management which consists of 7 laboratories: economic quantitative analysis and information processing laboratory, comprehensive simulation laboratory of business management, commodity science laboratory, simulation laboratory of finance and simulative accounting, case analysis laboratory, land resource management laboratory and sand table simulation training room. Also SEM has established academic exchange relationship with universities and research institutions of Japan, Korea, Canada, the United States etc.

Up to date, SEM covers 1776 undergraduates, 36 doctoral candidates, 32 academic postgraduates,271 professional postgraduates in various majors, 10 international students. After long time teaching practice, it has formed its unique school-running character and style and cultivated a large number of pragmatic interdisciplinary talents with solid theoretical foundation, strong innovative awareness, good practical ability and comprehensive quality, winning recognition and acknowledgement from all sectors of society and enjoying a high reputation in and out of the province.

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