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School of Agronomy is one of the earliest schools which were founded along with JAU. Based on the outstanding natural resource of rural area in Northeast China, it has formed theories and techniques for cultivating of high-quality and high-yield crops, deeply local featured teaching and researching directions ofCrop Genetic and Breeding,Fungi Crops Science, Plant Disease and Insect Prevention and Treatment, dedicating significant contributions to regional economic development. Up to date,School of Agronomy covers1056undergraduate students, 215 postgraduates and 45 doctoral candidates.(Hereinafter referred to as SA)

At present, SA owns 103 faculties who are consisted of 98 teachers,25 with senior professional title, 38 with deputy senior professional title, 13 doctoral supervisors, 45 master’s supervisors,oneacademician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one foreign academician of Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Russia, one foreign academician of Academy of natural sciences of Mongolia, one national famous teacher, one national and three provincial experts with outstanding contribution, five winners ofthe special allowance of the State Council, six cross-century academic leaders in Jilin Province.

SA owns 2first-leveland 7second-level disciplinedoctoral degreeauthorizedunits,2 centers forpost-doctoralstudies, one state main focusing discipline, one key discipline of Chinese Agricultural Ministry, two provincial key disciplines with unique features. The disciplines of plant protection and agriculture science both have been rated as “provincial featured discipline” of the “12th five-year plan” and “brand discipline” in Jilin province. Six state and provincial research platforms have been set up, including industrialized engineering center of edible and medicinal fungi of Chinese Ministry of Education, key laboratory of edible fungi resources utilization (north of China), Ministry of Agriculture, as well as 5 research institutes for researching of fungi, rice, special maize, corn, and crop biotechnology.

SA has won prizes in various aspects: Plant Physiology and General Plant Pathology are rated as provincial excellent courses, Crop Breeding and other two ones are rated as provincial quality courses, one national and one provincial “distinct educational team”, one “innovative team” ofChinese Ministry of Education, one second class prize for researching achievement of national teaching reform, two first class prize for provincial teaching achievement, more than 30 stablepractice teaching bases outside school. During the “10thfive-year project” period, more that 38.85% undergraduates passed the entrance exam for postgraduate school. During the last three years, more than half of our graduate students achieved passed the entrance exam for doctoral studies, the employment rate of undergraduates maintains above 95%.

In recent years, SA undertook more than 100 national, provincial research programs, won various awards including: one first class prize ofNational Natural Science research, one second class prize ofNational Science and Technology advancement, one improvement award of Science and Technology advancement of Heliang-Heli Foundation, more than 80 awards of Provincial Science and Technology advancement.Additionally, SA cultivated new varieties of crops with a number of more than 70, released more than 80 academic works and more than 1200 papers.Schoolactively encourages international cooperation. So far, it cooperates and exchanges with a dozen of foreign universities and research institutions from USA, Russia, Canada etc. “2+2 program” is one of the successful practices.

At present, in order to improve the quality of our preponderant disciplines, SA makes effort to strengthen the cross-disciplinary research and utilization between modern biotechnology, agricultural engineering and traditional subjects. Meanwhile, it focuses on the training of talents and development of disciplines, extending the postgraduate education which is based on the undergraduate education.Looking to the future, with inheriting of the fine tradition of thepredecessors, the whole staffs ofSA will focus atsolid work andadhere toinnovative idea,striving for advancing to a provincial leading, national renowned teaching & researching school.

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