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School of Humanities, JAU, which can be traced back to the Office of Marxism at the time when JAU was found, was established on the basis of Teaching & Research Section of Marxism and received their first junior college students in the specialty of administrative management in July, 1994. After, it was renamed to School of Humanities & Law and started to receive junior college students in the specialty of home economics in May, 2000. Then, In Oct, 2006, a further re-organization of discipline and specialty was conducted by merging the School of Humanity & Law, School of Visual Arts, Specialty of Mass Communication, Master Program of Vocational Technical Education into the School of Humanities, JAU. (Hereinafter referred to as SH)At present, SH owns “5 departments, 2 section, 2 offices and 2 research institutes”: Department of Social Science, Department of Psychology, Department of Home Economics, Department of Mass Communication, Department of Visual Arts, Teaching & Research Section of College Chinese Language, Office of Students’ Affairs, Office of Deans’, Research Institute of Home Economics, Research Institute of Vocational Education, etc.

Now 65 staffs and 52 full-time teachers are working in SH, among whom 18 hold senior professional titles, 26 lecturers and 7 teaching assistants. 1,250 full-time undergraduates and 193 graduates are learning here.Up to date, 6 undergraduate specialties have been set up, which are: social science, home economics, applied psychology, science of artdesign, science of advertizing, science of mass communication. The specialty of home economics is “National featured” which firstly received

undergraduate student in all over China. In addition, it owns lab, workroom and art studio with a total number of 25, authorized for granting professional master’s degree in subjects of social science, vocational technical education and science of social work.

During the “12th Five-Year project” period, SH applied and approved for more than 40 provincial scientific research programs, 3 municipal ones, 3 horizontal ones, the total amount of the above fund is 926,200 RMB.

School Mission: to cultivate the high-level & inter-disciplinary talents for serving the development of economic & society, with humanistic spirit, well-knit professional basic knowledge and skills.

Philosophy of school-running: the integration of humanistic and scientific spirit.

Discipline Construction: the integration of innovative thinking and society serving.

Management Philosophy: the integration of democracy, unity, self-discipline and innovation.

Educational Objective: to cultivate builders and successors of modern society, who are integrated with humanistic & scientific spirit, innovative thinking & society serving andresponsibility & dedication.

With the morality in heart & broad vision in mind, respecting knowledge in practice to face the infinite future;

Sincerely abide by morality, accumulating profound cultural background; sincerely abide by morality, creating harmonious life.

With the university motto of ‘understanding morality, seeking knowledge, simple, unadorned credibility and integrity’, under the guide of Party Committee, JAU, with the insistence of people-oriented and strengthening morality, SH will try its best to cultivate the qualified intellectuals who can strictly follow the social moral, to serve the national economic construction and social development.

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