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School of Life Sciences

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Development History

School of Life Sciences of JAU was founded in December, 2000. In order to cultivate inter-discipline talents in biological science and its related subjects, from the beginning, it has been adhering to the philosophy of school-running: "moral composition and people cultivation, truth seeking and innovation pursuing”, along with the thinking of school-running: "teaching supporting school, research strengthening school and talent thriving school", conforming to the five-in-one school-running model of synergetic development, including "teaching, research, discipline, platform and base", extending the postgraduate education which is based on the undergraduate education, to lead the technological innovation, serve the social development, enhance the cultural inheritance. School of Life Sciences has been renowned among schools with similar subjects in China by its fruitful results. (Hereinafter referred to as SLS)

Institutional Framework

At present, SLS owns 4 departments: “Biological Engineering, Biotechnology, Biological Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering”, 8 teaching and research offices: “Fermentation Engineering, Intensive Processing of Enzyme and Biological Engineering, Biological Principle, Gene and Cell Engineering, Biological Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacy Principle and Pharmaceutical Technology”, 5 scientific research platforms: “Research Center of engineering of Bioreactor and Pharmaceutical Development of Ministry of Education, Agricultural Biotechnology and Biological Resource Laboratory(Central and Local co-constructed), High-end Innovative Platform of Efficient Utilization of Stalk of Jilin Province, Key Laboratory of Bioreactor and Pharmaceutical Development of Jilin province, Engineering Research Center of Resource Development and Utilization of Ginseng's Gene of Jilin Province”.

Teaching Staff

SLS attaches importance to the construction of its teaching staff, adhering to its HR philosophy "Utilize available talents, keep key talents, introduce urgently needed talents, cultivate future talents, share special talents, and treat everyone as talents." Now it owns an in-service staff of 75 people and 90% of them with doctor’s degree, amidst them, 11 professors, 23 associate professors, 25 lecturers, 1 person with the title of "Yangtze River Scholar" (outside invited), 1 person qualified to state’s "Thousand Talents Program" (outside invited), 1 person who is pioneer talent of technological innovation in state's "10 Thousand Talents Program", 1 person who is a pioneer talent of youth technological innovation in the "Innovative Talents Promotion Program" of Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 person with the title of “New Century Talent” of Ministry of Education, 2 persons with the title of “top-notch innovative talents” in Jilin Province, 3 persons are famous teacher in Jilin Province.

The Construction of Disciplines

At present, SLS covers various disciplines and subjects: doctorate authorized disciplines in crop biotechnology and first-level master's degree authorized disciplines in biology, a total number of 13 master's degree authorized disciplines: crop biotechnology, zoology, hydrobiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, biophysics, cytobiology, physiology, microbiology, developmental biology, genetics, biotechnology, science of bio-resource, as well as 2 professional master's degree authorized disciplines: bioengineering and pharmaceutical engineering. The Biology, a first level discipline is ranked as “unique featured” in the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the Jilin Province.

Teaching Work

SLS focuses on the teaching work and attaches great importance to the reform of education and teaching. Since the start of the "12th Five-Year Plan", remarkable accomplishments have been achieved: 2 first-prizes and one second prize of teaching accomplishment, the courses of Basics of Biochemistry and Study of Biological Resources have been rated as the National Excellent Course, the courses of Enzyme Engineering, Genetic Engineering, and Biochemistry have been rated as the Excellent Courses of Jilin Province; "the expert teaching Teams of Biotechnology", "the teaching team of Serial Course of Biochemistry" and "the expert teaching team of Bioengineering" have been rated as the Excellent teaching team of Jilin Province. The specialties of Biotechnology and Bioengineering have been rated as the Excellent Courses of Jilin Province.

Scientific Research

Based on 5 platforms, SLS carefully worked on the following scientific research directions: Bioreactor and Functional Genomics, Crops Genomics, the diversity and utilization of unique Botanical Resources of Changbai Mountains, Structure and Function of Biochemical Immunology and Macromolecular, Biotransformation and Enzyme Engineering etc, to format a pattern of "Great Teams, Great Platforms, Great Projects and Great Achievements". Since the "Twelfth Five-Year-Plan", teachers of SLS have undertook research programs of National "863", National "948", National Natural Science Foundation, Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province, Department of Education of Jilin Province, Changchun Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, with a total number of more than 140, the amount of research fund above 30 million RMB. They have released more than 50 academic papers in SCI/EI (among them the highest IF=19.97), registered and were authorized to more than 20 patents, breed ten new varieties, presided over 11 projects of NSFC, were awarded by a total of 31 prizes of the provincial science and technology advancement, the provincial technical invention and provincial natural science academic achievement, including 3 first prizes, over 20 second prizes.

Talents Training

SLS now covers 4 undergraduate’s majors: Biological engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Engineering and a Sino-Italian program (Biotechnology), with a total number of 1,150 full-time undergraduates and 224 postgraduates. Based on its key laboratories and science and technology platforms, our students' greatly improved their scientific and technological innovative ability, won many prized in various competitions: the national "Challenge Cup", "School Students' Innovation" Contest, Modeling Contest, Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Competition and Experimental Skill Competition of Jilin province etc. Every year, around 20% undergraduates passed the entrance exam for postgraduate school, the employment rate of both undergraduates and graduates maintains above 95%.

Social Service

One goal of school work is the integration of production, teaching and research and serves for the local socio-economic development. Over the years, considered with their research direction, teachers of SLS established nice cooperation relations with large-scale enterprises: Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group Co., LTD, Shenyang Wellhope Co., LTD, Songyuan Cargill Biochemical co., LTD, Siping JinShiBai Group etc. It not only sent technical support to the above companies, but also brought broad chance for student’s employment.

International Cooperation and Exchange

SLS attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchange, extending their channels of cooperation. In June, 2012, we signed a cooperative education agreement with Università degli Studi di Camerino and received first students in 2013. Up to now, we cover 146 students in total with two sessions, formed a leading example of internationalization of undergraduate education of JAU. We support and encourage teachers to go abroad for further study and to engage in cooperative research. In recent years, more than 30 teachers have been to foreign universities for studies or cooperative research in UC Davis, Texas A&M University, and University of Alberta etc.

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