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The School of Food Science and Engineering, JAU was founded in 1984. Over 30 years hard works, with its unique school-running features, outstanding discipline advantage, abundant teaching recourses and scientific research achievements, it has evolved to a renowned role in schools with same subject in all over Chine. (Hereinafter referred to as SFSE) SFSE covers various disciplines: a first-level discipline center for post-doctoral studies in Food Science and Engineering, doctorate authorized discipline in Food Science, 2 first-level Master's degrees authorized discipline in Food Science and Engineering and Light Industry Technology and Engineering, 8 secondary Master's degrees authorized disciplines in Food Science, Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering, Grain oil and Plant Protein Engineering, Food Safety and Control, Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Sugar Engineering, Biological Transformation of Food and Oil, in which the discipline of Food Science and Engineering is the featured and key discipline of the 12th Five-Year Plan in Jilin province, as well as 3 undergraduate specialties: Food Science and Engineering, Food Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, in which the Food Science and Engineering is the “national featured” specialty and the “brand specialty” of the 12th five-year in Jilin province. Now SFSE covers a total number of 1194 undergraduates, 283 postgraduates and 22 PhD candidates. Over the years, the employment rate of undergraduates maintains above 90%. And, it has established stable academic exchange and cooperation relationships with relevant universities from the United States, Japan, Russia, England and Korea.

Now a total number of 65 faculties are working in SFSE, including 46 teachers, among them, 15 are professors and 17 are associate professors, 32 teachers with doctorate degree and 13 teachers with master’s degree, 7 doctoral supervisors and 44 master’s supervisors, 26 various titles or prizes have been awarded to them, include: young experts of national new-world millions talents project, young experts with outstanding contributions, national excellent science and technology workers, Provincial senior experts, top creative talents of Jilin province, scholar of Changbai mountain, Provincial ethics advanced individual, Provincial famous teachers. All of them have formed an innovative teaching team with a well composed structure in their educational background, professional title and age.

SFSE covers 3 departments: Grain Science, Food Engineering, Grain Engineering; 6 teaching and research offices: food science, agricultural product storage processing, fermentation engineering, food and oil processing, food engineering, food quality and safety, under which established 6 first-level laboratories, one teaching demonstration center, 5 pre-production laboratories: livestock and food processing, food and oil processing, dairy products and beverage processing, fruit wine processing, beer processing. Besides, SFSE established an integrated base of agriculture, science and educational practice of the Ministry of Education, 38 off-campus teaching bases, 6 national and provincial research platforms: the national wheat and corn deep processing engineering laboratory, deep processing of agricultural products provincial key laboratory, food engineering and food safety engineering research center of Jilin province, food biological manufacturing science and technology innovation center of Jilin province, national corn deep processing industry technology system functional research center, national soybean industry technology system postpartum processing functional laboratory. All of them cover an area of 9000 square meters and the total value of the instruments and equipments is above 30 million RMB.

Over the years, based on major technical requirements of intensive processing in local and nationwide, SFSE has formed their main research directions: “food intensive processing and high-value utilization, livestock processing technology, agricultural products intensive processing and new resource utilization, the food quality control and safety assessment”, to resolve the main technical issues in industry and industrial development. We have successively presided over 83 national and provincial key programs: national natural science fund project, the national "863" plan, the national supported science and technology research projects, the national achievement of agriculture transformation fund, Jilin provincial major difficulty resolving projects. We have won the 46 national and provincial scientific achievement prizes, 5 first-prize of the scientific and technological advancement of Jilin province, 6 second-prizes and 5 third-prize, released 420 academic papers in academic periodicals at home and abroad, including in SCI and EI thesis, acquired 33 national invention patents. SFSE actively carried out the promotion of scientific research achievement and transformation of scientific achievements, having utilized 32 technical achievements and created 1.2 billion RMB in economic benefit for enterprises.

Facing the trend of fast development of food industry, SFSE will actively promote the intension development; give full play to the advantages and features of our subject, make effort to improve quality of talent training and the standard of science innovation; contribute significant power to the national and local economic construction.

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