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JLAU made new progress in the Programme of Introducing Talents,in 2018

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Recently, it was heard from the Foreign Experts Bureau of Jilin Province that three projects of provincial-level of Introducing Talents to Universities were approved. Those approved projects will invite 8 experts from the United States, Australia, the Netherlands and Japan 8 times to our university, the total funding of which is 240,000 yuan. The three approved projects are: “The diversity of of powdery mildew in Jilin Province”, applied by Professor Liu Shuyan, School of Agronomy ;“Construction, optimization and application of agricultural innovation system analysis framework based on industrial chain.” applied by Prof. Lu Min, School of Agronomy and "Study on the stress treatment of lawn and flower plants and the screening technology system of quality varieties." applied by Associate Professor Chen Lifei, School of Horticulture.

JLAU has attached great importance to the career of introducing foreign talents for the past few years, and has carried out the propaganda work of attracting intellectual policies closely related to discipline construction and characteristic specialties. The application work has received strong support and cooperation from the relevant schools. The approved projects will be conducive to optimizing the structure of faculties, improving the level of international scientific research cooperation as well as advancing the internationalization process of JLAU

Date:2018-5-3 14:11:00 Author: International Cooperation and Exchange Office

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