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National University of Lesotho visit our University

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From May 21st to 25th, the delegation of National University of Lesotho(NUL), headed by Vice-Chancellor, Prof. N. L. Mahao, had a friendly visit to our university. Chair of the Univeristy Council Prof. Xi Xiufeng, President Feng Jiang and Vice President Zhang Yuejie met with the delegation .

During the meeting, Xi XiuFeng reviewed his visit to Lesotho in 2016, meeting with Minister and Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education of Lesotho, and Chinese ambassador to Lesotho. He pointed out the landmark significance of signing the MOU by the two universities in 2017. By the delegation’s visit, a new chapter has been opened between the two universities, which means a deeper cooperation in future for contributing more wisdom to building a community of shared destiny for mankind. During the talk, on behalf of our university, Xi Xiufeng invited NUL to attend the 70th anniversary celebration .

In the talks, Feng Jiang fully affirmed the results of the cooperation and communication between two universities over the past two years. He said, the two universities should seize the construction opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative, committ to strengthen the construction of talent training and science and technology cooperation platform. We should create innovative form of cooperation and strive to promote the establishment of Confucius institute as well as take the path of diversified development so as to constantly improve the level of cooperation between the two sides.

Mahao expressed congratulations to our 70th anniversary and expressed his appreciation for our pragmatic and efficient cooperation attitude. He said, the delegation cherished this visit which supported by the Chinese embassy in Lesotho. When return, the delegation will immediately report to the Chinese embassy and the Ministry of Education, Lesotho strive for early realization of the common aspirations of the two universities for jointly setting up Confucius Institute. He also expected to continue to expand the realm of cooperation between two sides.

Accompanied by Zhang Yuejie, the delegation visited some teaching and research platforms, such as the bacterium vegetable base, Engineering Research Center of Chinese Ministry of Education for Edible Medicinal Fungi, National Engineering Laboratory for Deep Processing of Wheat and Maize, Engineering Research Center of Bioreactor and Pharmaceutical Development, Minitry of Education, Jilin Provincial Technological Innovation Platform for Comprehensive Utilization of Straw, Jilin Province Animal Micro-Ecological Preparation Engineering Research Center, Agricultural Modernization Comprehensive Technology Research Institute.

The above activities has been participated by the following department: International Cooperation and Exchange Office, College of International Education, College of Animal Science and Technology, College of Resources and Environment, College of Agronomy, College of Economic Management, College of Food Science and Engineering, Graduate School, etc.

Date:[2018-5-31 16:44:00] Author: International Cooperation and Exchanged Office

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